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secrets“At turns heartbreaking and hilarious, Jennifer D. Munro’s writing crackles with wit and hard-earned wisdom. Her prose is snappy and eloquent, and often laugh-out-loud funny about the most unfunny things—miscarriage, sex, loss of love, loss of self. Munro is one of those fine storytellers who conjures the universal in the particular, so you find yourself nodding along, saying, ‘Yes, that’s so it,’ even to things you’ve never experienced.”
Janna Cawrse Esarey, The Motion of the Ocean

San Francisco Chronicle

bigger_better_sm“I laughed like a little maniac. I just loved it. Hilarious.”
Mary Guterson, Gone to the Dogs & We’re All Fine Here

“Jennifer D. Munro had me howling with [her] irony…”
Susie Bright, Editor, Best of Best American Erotica

“…utterly new and eccentric…really a great piece of wit…[with] magnificent brevity…”  —David Lenson, Editor, Massachusetts Review

“…touching and funny…”  —Slow Trains

literarymama“…made me laugh out loud…I still chuckle…”
Samantha Schoech, Editor, The Bigger The Better The Tighter The Sweater

“…marvelously refreshing…”  —CleanSheets

“…beautiful essay…with wit, humor, and ultimately an encouraging understanding of how to take that which [her] body has thrown at [her] and press on.…”  —Mama Speaks

bestamerican“Rich with descriptive detail and stunning prose…certain to catch a reader’s attention.”  —Associated Content

Reader Comments:

“It was wonderful to read Munro’s eloquent, funny frustrations and confirmations.”
“…a resonant hoot!”
“…devastatingly relevant/funny…”
“…tightly written…filled with pathos and humor…tells me all I need to know,
yet leaves me wanting to hear more…”
“[I] was fixated. I really laughed out loud (by myself)…”

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