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Jennifer D. Munro is a member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild. She is a writer and freelance editor (story editing, copy editing, line editing, proofreading). She has degrees in English and in Telecommunication (School of Journalism), and she earned Professional Certificates in Editing and Literary Fiction. She is a graduate of Artist Trust’s EDGE Professional Development Program for Writers.

Her editing clients include
Tess Thompson (romantic suspense, women’s fiction,
historical romance)
Jane S. Morrissey (paranormal romance)
Abigail Carter (women’s fiction, paranormal romance)
Ingrid Ricks, Anne McTiernan (memoir)
Everett Maroon (humorous memoir, LGBT)
Margot Page, Alison Krupnick (humorous travel memoir)

Starved CoverJ.D. has taught writing classes forFocus
Whidbey Island Writers Conference
Hugo House Literary Arts Center
King County Library
Pacific Northwest Writers Association
Edmonds Write on the Sound Writers’ Conference
Northwest Bookfest (panelist)
Northwest Independent Editors Guild (panelist)
Everett Public Library

Paradise ImperfectRemember-the-moon_500x313-250x399She teaches writing classes on subjects such as
Getting Published
Erotic Fiction
Women’s Essays

Bumbling Into Body HairConflict ResolutionShe judged entries for
Hedgebrook Women’s Writing Retreat
4Culture King County grants
Pacific Northwest Writers Association contests

Ruins of NoeDinsmore coverShe studied writing and editing with
Susan Bell (The Artful Edit),
Ingrid Emerick (former Seal Press editor),
Garth Stein, Cherry Adair, Benjamin Percy,
Pam Houston, Antonya Nelson, Leslie Jamison,
Michael Hauge, Molly Gloss,
Lauren Weedman, and others

DM2Circle of FireJ.D. has written newsletters and advertising copy and has copyedited for many organizations over two decades. She was the Promotion Director for KUOW, Seattle’s National Public Radio station, where she wrote marketing materials and on-air copy. She worked at Ogilvy & Mather Advertising in Honolulu, where her duties included proofreading ads and writing newsletters. She wrote newsletters and promotional copy for a macrobiotic food distributor, where in one day she sold the world’s known supply of organic miso and umeboshi paste to an end-of the-world cult.

RuminationsA Little Book of MormonShe loves to help authors improve their work and get published (traditional or indie). She is available to teach, edit, or coach, and her writing services usually involve a combination of all three.


coverJoseph Shaub, author of Divorce (Or Not): A Guide, in his blog entry, “Best Money I Ever Spent” …after a fairly thorough vetting process I chose my current favorite person in the entire world (FPITEW) other than my wife and daughter (FPITEWOTMWAD), Jennifer D. Munro.  Last week, I finished reviewing her comments and I don’t think a day went by that I failed to send her an ardent appreciative email. A good editor projects such care onto your creation. The process of improving the work product while maintaining the writer’s voice is challenging and if you are lucky, you will find that combination of skill and kindness. (It didn’t hurt that Jennifer liked my sense of humor.) …I have learned a great deal about writing and the places I can improve, markedly,  through Jennifer’s kind and rapier-sharp feedback. There were many places throughout my review of her “track changes” comments that I thought, “This comment is appropriate and helpful. I can imagine it having been made by someone with a harsher hand and instead of learning an important lesson I can use in the future, I would have been chagrined, embarrassed, defensive and dispirited….” So here’s to you Jennifer Munro.  Every cent I pay you for your service is the best money I ever spent.

duet-front-with-rone-medallionJennifer gets a kick out of Amazon Customer Reviews that mention editing, such as this one for Duet for Three Hands (RONE Award First Runner-Up 2016, historical fiction): 5.0 out of 5 stars, Absolutely wonderful
“Oh, how nice to read such a gripping yet touching story, and perfectrone-medallion punctuation as a bonus! Could hardly put it down, especially near the end. I hope there’s a sequel, because I can’t just let the characters go; I feel so invested in their lives. Very well written. I cannot remember the last time I’ve read a book (or even news articles) where I noticed not one error, and I read voraciously.” [posted by “Book Lover”]

Bestselling women’s fiction author Tess Thompson, in her blog entry, “Don’t Ever Leave Me”: Jennifer D. Munro, or JDM, as I refer to her, is one of those effortlessly clever people. She is smarter than I am and a better writer and probably a better person. Actually, I’m pretty sure she’s a better person. And because of all that, she makes me a better writer. She makes me smarter…

I believe most writers would tell you the most important relationship they have is the one with their editor. If you’re lucky enough to find the perfect match, it transforms your work. They ask the hard questions. They point out the holes. They tell you when it sings. They tell you when it’s finished…

What I know for sure…is that JDM transforms my work and therefore my life. There will never be enough “thank you’s” in the acknowledgment section of the book to properly express my gratitude.

lassiterJackson Lassiter, Larry Neal Writing Competition 2009 Winner (sponsored by DC Arts Council, Penn/Faulkner Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts): …with little concept of craft and clueless about publishing, I started writing. I needed advice, and J.D. Munro soon became my mentor, teacher, and editor (from broad, thematic concepts down to nitpicky line/word editing). She’s also been my cheerleader. Always direct, tactful, and encouraging, J.D. will praise what is working as well as point out what isn’t. She will illustrate the why, and then offer brilliant suggestions for revision. And she’ll teach you how to get it published. I thank J.D. for helping me get 40+ pieces placed in seven years. Frankly, I wouldn’t submit anything without running it by her first.

Meredith England-Markun, featured in Best of The Best Women’s Erotica and Best Women’s Erotica 2004: Jennifer D. Munro was a great help in getting my first story sold to a major anthology, and from there it got picked up for an even bigger anthology. I had no idea where to market the story, and she gave me submission information for a press and editor I hadn’t heard of. Then she kept gently nudging me to make sure I made the deadline. I dropped her name in my cover letter, and I’m sure I got a better read because of that. She has a real knack for searching out just the right venues and for getting the editor’s attention. She has such great follow through—it’s really impressive.

Workshop and Class Feedback:

I really enjoyed talking with you and feel that I walked away with some very valuable insights. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your willingness to help others succeed. I admire you and feel inspired by you. Thanks again for these resources.

You were so open about getting started and keeping going and finding your way. I loved your notebook and I loved the simplicity of who you are – I felt there was no pretense – you are a working writer. Again – thank you for giving of yourself and your experience.

Yours was definitely the most realistic and detailed workshop.

Thank you so much for the fantastic references and resources. You opened my eyes to a whole new market. I’m so excited to take parts of what I’ve written and adapt them to new subject areas. You need to know how truly inspirational you were for me. Last week, writing was a hobby. This week, it’s a passion. Thank you!

Contact Jennifer by emailing her at
JenniferDMunro at hotmail.com (replace at with @).

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