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Erotica Writer's Husband, 2nd editionThe Erotica Writer’s Husband & Other Stories
by Jennifer D. Munro
En Theos Press

The love child of Anaïs Nin and David Sedaris might have penned these lusty tales of laughter and the libido. A dozen stories about sex and the sexes offer a candid, poignant, and often whimsical look at desire, love, and intimate relationships that endure time and the body’s imperfections. A cast of surprising and engaging characters turn serious and unsexy misfortunes into humorous and erotic moments. Collected from the pages of Best American Erotica, Literary Mama, Zyzzyva, Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica, Kalliope, Best Women’s Erotica, Clean Sheets, and others.

Available on (paperback or Kindle ebook) or for order through your local independent bookstore.

Preview The Erotica Writer’s Husband

The title story from The Erotica Writer’s Husband is included in a special The Best of the Best of the Mammoth Book of Erotica 2012, which collects the editor’s favorite stories from the past fifteen annual anthologies. The lead story in the Erotica Writer’s Husband & Other Stories was included in the 15th Anniversary Best of edition of Best America Erotica.

Strangler FigThe Strangler Fig: Stories
by Jennifer D. Munro
Hydra House Books (an imprint of En Theos Press)

Six sensual, darkly fantastic tales that reimagine classics such as Dorian Gray, Helen of Troy, and The Yellow Wallpaper. The Erotica Writer’s Husband & Other Stories author turns to a darker eros with her new collection of haunting and magical tales, which have appeared in various fantasy, horror, and literary anthologies. About 100 print pages.

From New Orleans to Mexico to ancient Hawaii: An obsessed paparazzo stalks his subject–a famous singer whose photos morph but face remains unchanged. An unborn triplet haunts and taunts its mother for the choice she made. An infertile woman seeks to learn the language of the dead baby she continues to carry.

Surreal, supernatural, speculative fiction, in which fertility and infertility take a stranglehold on possessed minds. Collected from the pages of Best of Crossed Genres [Year One]: Fantasy & Science Fiction with a Twist; Thou Shalt Not: Stories of Dark Crime and Horror; the South Dakota Review; Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica; and others.

Available on (Kindle ebook) and (print).

[“Hina, the Hawaiian Helen,” included in this collection, appeared as a bonus story in the first edition of The Erotica Writer’s Husband & Other Stories.]

Cover image courtesy of Rhonda “Shellbelle” Renee © 2009

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